Sep 22, 2020

George Radford Joins Expa as Principal

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining Expa as a Principal. Based out of London, I’ll be working closely with David Clark to bring the magic of Expa to European startups and entrepreneurs. Having worked at the intersection of startups, tech, and investing in both the US and the UK, I’m excited to help Expa partner with talented and ambitious entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Before joining Expa, I led strategy and new venture projects at Founders Intelligence (FI), the strategy consulting arm of Founders Forum: one of tech’s leading founder ecosystems. Joining FI in the early stages, I helped grow the team to 40 people as I worked with Europe’s top executives and fund managers on growth initiatives and investment projects across industries as varied as healthcare, fintech, media, and logistics. I’ve also held roles at two early-stage startups, Vinaya and Jebbit, giving me a strong grasp of what building an early-stage company is actually like and empathy for the many hurdles to overcome. 

Even during these uncertain times, it’s one of the most exciting environments to start a company, and Expa is uniquely positioned to help ambitious founders build category leaders. I was particularly drawn to Expa as all of the partners are builders themselves — they know first-hand what it takes to get an idea off the ground and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and roadblocks that entrepreneurs face. Even the best ideas can’t come to life in the wrong environment, and Expa offers a safe space to build and a strong community to support.

There’s so much happening across Europe’s startup scene, and I’m excited to be working alongside David and the team to bring Expa’s unique model to more talented entrepreneurs, helping propel even more startups to success.

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