Get funding and operational support to grow your startup

We fund passionate founders that are building revolutionary, tech-enabled companies. We invest in early-stage startups at Seed and Series A. Expa founders receive access to a global community of founders, startup resources, funding, and personalized support from our network of operators.



Of Expa-backed seed companies successfully raised their Series A compared to the 42% industry average. (Source: Crunchbase)


Expa companies have reached $8B in value and have raised over $1B in funding.

The Expa offering

More than just capital

Build with builders

Lean on our decades of experience in building billion-dollar startups. We have led companies worth over $100B in enterprise value.

Flexible deal terms

Receive up to $3M in funding and connections to top VC funds to accelerate your next stage of growth.

Navigate roadblocks

Get support with all the vital elements of company building. We’ll guide you on hiring, product strategy, branding, user experience, go-to-market, and raising your next round.

Access to community

Gain access to an international group of investors, designers, CEOs, founders, and operators that can help you navigate the ups and downs of the startup experience.

Venture Companies

Hear from Venture founders

Jonathan McNulty

CEO, Haus

“Being part of this community and surrounded by other teams taking big swings forces you to ask the question: how can we push our product further and make our impact larger?”

Uma Subramanian


“Expa's a very supportive and progressive environment. And if you have wild and crazy ideas, it’s a great place to get things done.”

Jake King


“One of the things I find most refreshing is that the blend of the partners’ skillsets has been really efficient for us to learn as a company how to succeed.”

Stuart Sopp

Ceo & Co-founder, Current

“Our partnership with Expa allowed us to take Current from a concept and infrastructure to a full-fledged challenger bank.”