Expa is where the best startups find support and funding to scale. Collectively, we’ve launched dozens of companies, supported 100+ founders, and reached hundreds of millions of users. Our community of builders includes the founders and leaders of Uber, Virgin Galactic, Twitter, Current, and more.

The Expa System


We’ve taken companies from
0 to 10,000

Expa was created by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp to support the next generation of founders. The partners at Expa are builders and operators themselves, who can provide founders with practical advice in product design, branding, engineering, operations, and recruiting.

With offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and London, Expa offers a physical place for entrepreneurs to come together, collaborate, and share knowledge.

Hear from our founders

Stuart Sopp

CEO & Co-founder, CURRENT

“Our partnership with Expa allowed us to take Current from a concept and infrastructure to a full-fledged challenger bank.”

Uma Subramanian


“Expa's a very supportive and progressive environment. And if you have wild and crazy ideas, it’s a great place to get things done.”

Nick Patrick

CEO & Co-founder, RADAR

“Expa provided us with the capital, structure, and advice that we needed to scale Radar in its first year.”

Amira Yahyaoui

Founder & CEO, Mos

 “Everything was easier to figure out because there were well-intentioned people sitting with me every single day, who helped me and explained everything.”

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