Apr 29, 2020

David Clark Joins Expa

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining Expa as a Partner. I’ll be based in London and leading Expa’s expansion into the UK and Europe. I’m looking forward to leveraging all of the studio's resources to help make the power of Silicon Valley accessible to Europe’s greatest talent.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve been lucky enough to help build businesses like Virgin Galactic, Uber and Kitty Hawk. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Travis Kalanick and Larry Page as they build teams, scale businesses and overcome seemingly endless challenges. I'm excited to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, building category-defining companies at Expa.

I first learned about Expa in 2014. After failing to convince Garrett to fly to space with Virgin Galactic, he successfully convinced me to become an advisor to the new startup studio he was launching. I was instantly attracted to Expa’s innovative model and approach, as it was more what I considered to be “creative capital” than venture capital. Expa helps entrepreneurs create success, rather than simply placing a bet — the Partners are serial entrepreneurs that realize that building strong teams and amazing products are the basis for driving returns. With a diverse range of expertise and experience, they’re hands-on advisors at every stage of the journey. Expa is what I believe an investor should be — more than just funding, a partner every step of the way.

We are living in uncertain times. Some investors see this as a reason to pull back and wait for clarity. We at Expa feel differently — our Partners have launched and grown businesses during challenging times before. We know that in times like this, there are new problems to solve, new talent that emerges, and teams are forced to be more creative and disciplined than ever. We’ll be there to back these entrepreneurs as they do their part to create jobs and help our economy recover. 

While the world is going through a profound and irreversible change, the tech industry in the UK and Europe is at an inflection point. There are record levels of funding, countless new companies launching, and more exits than ever before. As this success breeds more success, Expa will be there to invest and support founders as they build the world’s next great companies. 

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea or seeking investment, and would like to hear more about Expa, get in touch with myself and the Expa team at hello@expa.com.

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