Vítor Lourenço becomes a Partner at Expa

I’m excited to announce I have become the newest Partner at Expa, based out of our San Francisco office.

I’ve always been obsessed with building and designing things. I started my first design studio as a teenager while still living in a small town in Brazil. A few years later I moved to San Francisco to join Twitter as its first Designer, where I helped scale the brand and product experience to hundreds of millions of users. I later went on to apply my passion for design and technology to co-found Envoy.

I first met Garrett in late 2012, and we have been working together ever since. Garrett’s one of the most brilliant product minds of our era and, after Uber, had the vision to build Expa from the ground up so designers could partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs to solve large-scale problems. Expa’s vision has only gotten bigger since those early days. Design-driven founders like Garrett are becoming the most important business leaders of our time, and the ability to rapidly iterate and test user experiences and interface designs is more important than ever.

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure to join forces with Garrett and Roberto to help start Reserve, Operator, Spot, and Mix—and most recently I’ve worked closely with Hooman to launch Ando. I couldn’t be more proud of the products, teams, and world-class brands we’ve built together, and am looking forward to collaborating closely with Naveen and Milun to tackle the next set of challenges.

Over the next few months I’ll continue to focus on a stealth company I co-founded earlier this year at Expa, while continuing to provide design and branding guidance to our portfolio companies. Over the next year, my role will evolve to focus on new early-stage projects with a hands-on approach.

I’m proud to work at a place that deeply respects meritocracy. I strongly believe that if you hire and mentor correctly, you’ll end up with people who are better than you. I’m proud of the design teams I’ve helped build in our portfolio, and I’m looking forward to working with designers and engineers to create great companies.

Expa is a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.
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