May 22, 2020

Statespace FTW!

I’m thrilled to announce some exciting news within the Expa community: Statespace has just closed a $15M Series A, led by Khosla Ventures.

We originally met Wayne Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Statespace, through our Expa Labs program back in 2017. At the time, he was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience at NYU and had the idea of combining these neuroscience learnings with artificial intelligence to create a smart, personal trainer for esports. As a bit of a gamer myself, I was immediately excited about Statespace’s potential for the growing world of esports. 

Wayne is also one of the most dedicated founders I’ve had a chance to work with — he’s proof that product-founder fit is just as important as product-market fit. All of us at Expa were proud to support Wayne and his team as they went through the early stages of company building — hiring a stellar team and developing their first product, Aim Lab. Aim Lab had a very successful beta release on Steam, and quickly picked up interest by both casual and professional gamers.

Today, Statespace is a growing platform with over 2M users. They’re partners with the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the official training platform for the National Championship Series, a leader in esports tournaments. The team has big plans for 2020, including hiring exceptional talent to support their growth. Statespace is also branching out from PC to mobile, and working on some exciting applications in the medical field — they’re already collaborating with researchers and scientists at Mount Sinai, John Hopkins, and NYU to help with stroke rehabilitation. We’re incredibly proud of how far the Statespace team has come, and can’t wait to watch them continue to innovate and grow.

Interested in Statespace’s mission? Find out more about opportunities to join the team, or follow along on Twitter

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