Introducing Reserve

Expa was started to help create products that we want to become reality. We focus on only a few projects at a time, working closely with teams on everything from product design to user experience, branding to partnerships. Sometimes, these ideas originate from within our studio; other times, we work with great entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision.

Today, Expa is excited to see Reserve launch in public beta. Reserve is a digital concierge – a new way to reserve tables at great restaurants. Ever since Greg and Joe first brought their idea to Expa, we’ve been excited to help design this product. With just a few taps, the Reserve app enables a more seamless dining experience, from getting the table you want to paying automatically at the end of the meal.

Reserve is also designed with restaurants in mind. The restaurant industry employs about 10% of the overall US workforce, yet running a restaurant is difficult. Nearly 60% of restaurants close in their first three years. Reserve enables chefs and restaurateurs to seat more guests, deliver better service, and fully realize their vision. During private beta Reserve has brought on over 90 restaurant partners, and is now ready to add thousands more.

We invite you to get the Reserve App and give it a try. Service is currently available in New York, Los Angeles and Boston in public beta (we’ll let diners in as capacity permits, simply register and we’ll email you soon!) and is coming soon to San Francisco. We hope you enjoy using Reserve :)

Expa is a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.
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