Operator finds it for you

Today we’re excited to be launching Operator into public beta. Operator is a request network that connects consumers with a network of in-store operators through a messaging platform.

Operator takes an innovative approach to product discovery by letting users interact with real people instead of algorithmic suggestions. This provides a more personalized experience for the customer while enabling a business to expand its customer base. Operator has the potential to completely reimagine how we think of commerce, using a mobile app to help unlock the 90% of inventory that is still offline.

Operator is one of the first companies to come out of Expa in San Francisco, and it’s been exciting to collaborate on Operator’s system design with Robin and the rest of the team. To get early access to the beta please join our waitlist, and let Operator help find what you are looking for : )

Expa is a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.
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