Oct 30, 2015

Introducing Mix.com

Content discovery has always been one of my passions. With so much information available across the web, everyone needs a way to discover the most compelling content for them. It’s one of the reasons I started StumbleUpon back in 2002, and with billions of pages now online the need is even greater today.

So we are excited to begin work on a new discovery platform, Mix.com. Mix’s mission is to connect the curious with the creative, delivering personalized recommendations one click at a time. Mix will provide a modern and elegant way to discover the best content liked by friends and experts, from across the web to your mobile device.

Mix will be a new company, built upon the legacy of SU. A few months ago we shared that SU would become part of the Expa family, and I’m pleased to announce this acquisition is now complete. The SU team will be joining forces with Expa to create Mix.com, bringing with them everything learned serving 50 billion recommendations to millions of people.

StumbleUpon.com users will be able to use the site as usual, and will get an early look when Mix.com is ready to test. StumbleUpon will continue to operate as always, as we explore new product ideas within Mix.

We’ve just started work on Mix, and it will take some time to get it right. In the meantime, we invite you to visit Mix.com to request your username (ex: mix.com/expa) and have the same username as elsewhere.

We will be in touch soon when we have the first version of Mix ready. Interested in joining the team? Please visit mix.com/join to let us know :)

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