Feb 8, 2016

Milun Tesovic joins Expa as a Partner

I am thrilled to announce I have joined the Expa team as a Partner. I’m looking forward to working closely with the other Partners—a dynamic group of leaders who are making innovative ideas happen. The decision to join Expa was easy: I’ll be surrounded by a forward-thinking team, creating a diverse portfolio of products that make our lives better. There are few times you get to work with people who are truly changing the world, and the team at Expa certainly is.

I first discovered Expa through one of the Partners—Hooman Radfar. We met many years back when our two startup endeavours crossed paths and continued to keep in touch. Hooman’s humility, talent and drive are qualities shared by the other Partners, Garrett, Naveen, and Roberto, and the largest reason I’m enthusiastic to join. For more than a decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to advise, invest and start companies I believe in, while selling a few along the way. Bringing my past experiences as Founder at Metrolyrics (and other less known ventures), I look forward to continuing the Expa mission of creating impactful products.

Additionally, I’m going to help establish an Expa presence in Canada and find the best Canadian teams and entrepreneurs to work with. If you would like to learn more about Expa, please drop me a line.

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