Oct 21, 2015

Introducing Expa’s First B2B Company: Metabase

Expa’s partners all come from (or started) consumer-facing companies that embrace a data-minded culture. And this is a core trait for every company we launch, because we recognize just how valuable this approach is. Immediate access to data helps companies respond to market needs, understand what customers want (or don’t want) from current product offerings, or simply gauge company health by tracking usage trends over time.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce Metabase, our first enterprise product and the latest company to come out of our startup studio. Metabase offers a simple way for people to build dashboards, do quick data pulls, graph trends, and ask ad hoc questions without having to learn complicated “query languages” or pull in an engineer or analysts who have other things on their hands (like helping build a company). You can learn more about Metabase from one of its co-founders here.

The story behind Metabase isn’t that unusual. At Expa, we were searching for a business intelligence solution that could easily, and cost effectively, provide us data insights across all companies in our studio. However, current offerings are limited and/or expensive, so we decided to build our own in-house tool that the entire Expa family could leverage—to, not only make their businesses stronger, but to help Expa itself identify shared learnings across all our portfolio. Feedback from the teams using the product was very positive, which was echoed by the external beta testers who test drove the tool. And with that, Metabase was born.

Metabase is designed to be deployed in five minutes, from installation to initial query results, We have also decided to open-source the code, so more people can try and (benefit from using) it. We’re very proud of Metabase – how it was created, how it will benefit organizations, and the great team building the product. We hope you give it a try.

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