Introducing the 2017 Expa Labs Companies

After nearly five months of application submissions and reviews, we are pleased to announce the companies participating in Expa Labs 2017. Each team began their participation in our six-month program earlier this month, and are hard at work building their products.

In only our second cohort, we saw the number of applications double, with entries coming in from entrepreneurs around the world. Not only did the volume increase, but the quality of applicants increased as well. Our thanks to everyone who applied. The goal of our program is to work with a smaller group of companies, which allows for more hands-on support. So, even though we selected only a handful of teams where we think we can add the most value, all of us at Expa were incredibly impressed by the variety of companies and products.

We also looked for founding teams who are passionate about bringing new products to life – no matter where they are based, or come from. That’s why we offer participants the choice to work in an Expa office, or stay in their own city. Either way, they get the full support and expertise of Expa, and access to all the resources we provide as part of the program. This class exemplifies that approach, with companies located in our San Francisco and New York offices, some staying in their home cities, and a few moving their operations to be with us.

With that, I’d like to introduce our 2017 companies:

Interseller: Make contact with new prospects
Merlin Guides: Magically simple employee training
NextGig: A community that helps you make smarter decisions about your career
Sleeperbot: Messaging for sports fans
SuperHi: A creative community learning to code together, online
Statespace: Performance analytics, scouting, and training platform for eSports gamers, built by neuroscientists (creators of AimLab)

We’re extremely proud of these talented entrepreneurs who have chosen to build their products with us. If our first class of companies is any indication, the experience will also make Expa better as an organization too. We look forward to introducing you to each company more in the coming months. For a deeper look at the process you can read more here.

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