Finding a New Way Home

Buying a house is a significant life step — it’s a place to call home, an investment, and an opportunity to grow. But, it’s something that more and more Americans are missing out on. Millennials especially are being boxed out of homeownership, with growing student loan debt, expensive rentals, and skyrocketing housing costs. They make up the majority of home buyers, but the percentage of millennials who actually own a home is lower than any previous generation

Almost every other industry in our lives — from the way we shop to the way we get around — has been disrupted, yet the way that we buy and own homes is still at a standstill. With the gap in homeownership only growing wider, it’s time to start rethinking the current real estate model. 

When Garrett Camp founded Haus at Expa, his goal was to create a more transparent way to sell a home based on real pain points he experienced during the process. The team built a product to digitize real estate transactions and save consumers money. Garrett brought me on to help build and lead the team, leaning on my past experience in real estate at Trulia and Zillow Group. Over the last 10 months, we have evolved the product, but the core idea remains; making home ownership more affordable, flexible and transparent. 

Haus is now an entirely new way to buy and own a home. Instead of taking on a mortgage and debt, homebuyers partner with us to buy what they can afford, when they can afford it. That means monthly payments that are 30% lower on average, compared to a traditional mortgage. And, for the first time, homeowners will have the flexibility to buy and sell equity in real time. 

Haus is here to make homeownership possible for everyone. I’m excited to be leading the Haus team, and with the help of Garrett, Expa and all our investors, we are launching a new way home. Learn more at

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