Expa Turns Five

Back in late 2013, I had an idea to create a place that would give entrepreneurs the best environment to build companies. My goal was to combine lessons learned from StumbleUpon and Uber to help other founders. I liked the idea of a space where entrepreneurs could come together, get advice from experts and focus on building their product. We called it Expa, and by March 14, 2014 raised our first $50M. We’ve now been joined by 5 other partners who help founders develop the initial idea, craft the brand and build their prototypes.

In five years, Expa’s community has grown from a just few people to over 300, launched a dozen companies, and supported over 50 entrepreneurs. And many Expa projects have now gained significant traction and investor interest, with over $150M of follow-on capital to date.

A few recent company updates are: Cmd.com, a Linux server security platform, recently raised a $15M Series B. Current.com, a modern debit card application, now has over 250,000 users. Metabase.com, an open source analytics company, just raised $13M. Mos.com launched to help students to automatically apply for college financial aid. And Shift.org, a career transition service, is now targeting 200,000 military veterans per year.

Over the years, we have gone through several iterations on how to best partner with entrepreneurs. We’ve realized that we are most helpful providing hands-on support to early-stage projects that are part of our studio. So as we turn 5, we’ve decided to focus on designing and building, and help a small group of entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build your next company, or have an idea that you’re looking to develop, Expa could be the place for you. Connect with us :)

Expa is a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.
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