Expa Labs Session One

A few months back, we announced the launch of Expa Labs, an early stage program designed to help entrepreneurs build and ship new ideas. During the application period, we got more than 500 entries from founders hoping to receive $500K in funding, access to Expa office space, and the ability to gain insight from our partners, networks of advisors, and Studios companies.

Our team spent a lot of time reviewing every application, presentation, and video submitted—thanks to everyone for their time and effort. Some teams told us just the process itself helped align founders and vision.

The goal of Expa Labs is to discover strong founding teams who are passionate about building new and innovative products, and provide them a place and platform to work on those ideas. We want to work with a diverse group of founders, spanning different industries and I’m proud to say we achieved that: This inaugural group has first-time founders and repeat founders; b2b companies and consumer companies; platforms to drive engagement or drive commerce; and tools for people to engage with brands and each other.

So I’m pleased to announce the members of the first session of Expa Labs, who begin the program on June 6:

In San Francisco:
Chalet: a new take on property management that owners and renters love
Promote: a platform for in-feed advertising support for consumer web companies
Ninayo: a digital marketplace for agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa

In New York:
Dovetale: bringing the creative industry to the cloud
Listen: an independent phone number not tied to any carrier
Radar: full-stack developer toolkit for location tracking
Each team came to the table with compelling ideas for businesses and products we think people will really like. We’re looking forward to working with them, and introducing you to what they build in the months ahead.

Expa is a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies.
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