Mar 3, 2021

Dylan Itzikowitz joins Expa as Associate

I’m happy to share that I’ve joined the Expa team as an Associate. I’ll be working alongside Roberto, Milun, Dave, Yuri, George, and the rest of the Expa team to identify exceptional founders that could benefit from Expa’s pre-seed investment and support program. 

Before joining Expa, I was an associate at Founders Factory — an active, early-stage investor in London. While at Founders Factory, I led investments for their media and travel programs, all while working closely in partnership with The Guardian Media Group and EasyJet. In addition to making investments,  I worked closely to support entrepreneurs as they built out their product and looked to raise additional capital. On the side, I also co-founded an award-winning nonprofit, The Forward Movement, which works in Canada to promote accessibility and inclusion for people with different abilities.

I’m most passionate about identifying entrepreneurs who are at the earliest stages of their startup journey and helping them realize their vision. At Expa, the focus is on so much more than just capital. Instead, it’s about helping entrepreneurs with those critical early-stage problems like finding product/market fit, identifying their first customers, and building out their team. Since every partner at Expa has a background as either a founder and/or operator, they have deep expertise to draw on — something that’s immensely valuable to entrepreneurs. We also believe that the best founders can come from anywhere. With our partners based across North America, the UK, and Latin America,  we genuinely invest with a global lens.

I’m excited to be joining a team that provides such tangible value to founders. If you have a great idea, we want to hear from you and encourage you to apply to join Expa.

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