Jul 15, 2015

Introducing Drip

Our latest collaboration is one unlike all our other work so far. We worked with Drip because we believe in their mission, centered on building a place to directly support the world’s best creative communities. Drip is a simple, curated platform that gives passionate creators and communities a place to interact with their most ardent fans through a sustained subscription. You can join Drip as a member to dive deeper and get closer to creators, getting behind-the-scenes access to musicians, artists, record labels, nonprofits and ideas.

It’s a unique relationship for Expa; Drip is an early-stage company that has been live for a couple of years now. We got involved earlier this year because we believe in their approach toward empowering creatives and rethinking creativity and curation online. We’ve had countless conversations with team Drip about music, art and the internet and these led to ideas about how we could collaborate with the team. We share a love of discovery and, as creators ourselves, we want to support creators in other fields too.

We’ve been hands-on partners with Drip here in New York; we led their seed investment and have been working with them to iterate on their brand and expand their vision. We’re excited to have Drip join the Expa network and hope you will find them inspiring too.

Drip is available now at drip.com.

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