Feb 11, 2020

2019: A Year of Growth at Expa

Since Expa’s first started, our goal has always been to be the best place for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. And last year was a great one at Expa — we’ve had some strong success stories across our studio and I’m so proud of the progress that our teams have made.

This past year, it was exciting to see Haus raise capital, under the leadership of Jonathan McNulty. The Haus team is continuing to redefine the way we own homes, aiming to make homeownership more affordable, and they have some big things to share in 2020. Aero hired an amazing CEO — Uma Subramanian, who I truly admire. We’re so lucky to have a leader who’s passionate about the space, and has the perfect experience to enable Aero to succeed. It’s also been incredible to watch Mos grow throughout 2019. Amira Yahyaoui is tackling a hard problem, but one that’s deeply important: helping students better afford education. The team will be making some exciting announcements in 2020. Personally, I’ve also been working very closely with the Input team, who are building something new under Jeff Wong’s product leadership. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on soon. 

It’s also been excellent to see our more established companies continue to grow. Metabase has continued to scale and launch valuable new features. Current is growing — reaching almost one million users and raising capital along the way. In Vancouver, Cmd also raised funds to further their mission of providing an outstanding Linux security platform.  

We also saw several of the first-time entrepreneurs who we connected with through our Expa Labs program really kick things into high gear. I’m particularly proud of Sleeper, Shift, Statespace, and Radar, who raised from prominent firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners this past year.

I feel deeply fortunate to get to work with so many talented and passionate entrepreneurs at Expa — there are simply too many to name, and I'm excited to share even more in 2020. Follow along with everything we’re working on over on Twitter


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