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What is Expa?

Created by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp in 2014, Expa is where the best founders find support and funding to grow their startups. We’ve launched dozens of companies, supported more than 50 founders, reached hundreds of millions of users.

Our community of builders includes the founders and leaders of Uber, Virgin Galactic, Twitter, Current, and more. We provide startups with impactful early-stage capital, curated advice from our partners and mentors, and an international community of founders to create the best environment for your startup to succeed.

Should I apply to Expa?

If you have an exciting, category-defining startup or idea, you should apply.

We designed Expa to be the most flexible early-stage program for founders. Regardless of your startup's stage, we provide you with flexible funding terms, a dedicated support team, an international network of advisors and partners, and a supportive founder community to scale your company.

We accept applications to Expa at anytime from anywhere, so you can apply when it's appropriate for your startup.

What type of startups is Expa looking for?

Expa invests in a wide range of category-defining companies. We’ve incubated and invested in companies from aerospace to fintech. We encourage you to apply regardless of your industry.

Take a look at our portfolio companies here.

How do I apply?

You can start the application process at expa.com/apply


How much does Expa invest?

We provide up to $1M in funding for pre-seed startups and up to $3M at later stages.

Does Expa invest in later-stage startups?

Yes, Expa invests up to $3M in startups up to Series B. If you’re looking for funding, get in touch.

I’ve already raised funding, can I still apply?

Yes, we look at every company that applies to Expa. If you’ve already raised a pre-seed or seed round, we encourage you to apply.

Will Expa take a board seat in my company as part of the program?

No. At the pre-seed level, Expa will not be taking a seat on the board of your company unless it is mutually beneficial.


What will make my application successful?

Each year we receive thousands of applications from entrepreneurs looking to join the program. To maximize your chance of success, it’s important that you clearly and concisely communicate what your startup does.

Expa's partners value brevity. Tell us about your startup, why your team is uniquely positioned to make this a category-defining company, and the market opportunity ahead. Be sure to highlight the founders' past experiences and achievements, as this shows us that your startup leaders are driven to see the company succeed.

While it’s not mandatory, if your company has generated revenue, onboarded customers, created a waitlist of eager users, or received press, communicate that in your application. This shows us that you have a bias towards action and are actively testing your assumptions.

I have a startup idea, can I apply?

Yes, we welcome you to apply if you're at the beginning stages and have an idea for a game-changing startup. Be sure to emphasize the idea, why you/your team are the right group to pursue it, and any insights into how it might become the next big thing.

Where can I find the application questions?

You can find the full list of application questions here. We recommend that you make a copy of the document and draft your answers there before submitting your application.

Will I lose my answers if I close my browser?

Your answers will be saved as long as you return to your application on the same device and browser (not in Private Browsing or Incognito mode). Your responses will be saved on your device for 15 days. We recommend that you draft your answers in the Expa Application Questions document before submitting.

When are applications due?

We accept applications on a rolling basis, so you’re able to submit your startup to Expa at anytime.

When will I hear back from Expa?

We aim to provide you with an investment decision within 15 business days after submitting your application. Our time frame is subject to change depending on the volume of applications we receive.

Can I apply again if I don’t get accepted?

We encourage founders who weren’t accepted into the program to apply again at a later time. Be sure to demonstrate any progress you've made on your startup the next time you apply.


Does Expa have a curriculum?

Rather than creating a standard curriculum, we designed Expa to be curated around your startup's needs. This means more 1:1s with mentors and operators, direct assistance from our Dedicated Support Team, and regular events with founders, partners, and investors.

How long will my startup receive Expa support?

Depending on the needs of your startup, Expa will provide guided support for six to twelve months. However, as a member of the community, you’ll receive lifetime access to our network of founders and experts.

How does COVID-19 affect the program?

We designed Expa to be as flexible as possible to incorporate talented international founders. As such the program will be completely remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expa offices are not open and all events will be held virtually.

If I get accepted, will I be able to use the office space?

Access to Expa desk space is subject to availability, location, and current local public health laws. At the moment, we’re not offering office space to Expa startups.

Can I apply if I’ve participated in another accelerator?

Startups that have gone through another accelerator program are welcome to apply.

Does Expa have a Demo Day?

Yes. Expa is pleased to offer virtual demo days for our startups. Demo days will be held quarterly in front of storied investors from Silicon Valley and beyond. Expa’s Dedicated Support Team will also help you draft and rehearse your pitch so you'll leave a lasting impression.

Will you fund other startups working in the same industry?

While we do our best to ensure there is no direct competition within the program, this is not something we can guarantee. Startup ideas at such an early stage can adjust and pivot into similar products and categories. If this happens, Expa will keep the progress and activities of each startup confidential from one another.

How can my company partner with Expa?

Expa actively partners with companies that can provide value to our portfolio companies. If you have a partnership offer for a product/service that you would like us to consider, apply here.

What are Expa’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

Read more about our Privacy Policy, and our Terms and Conditions.

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