Feb 17, 2016

Roberto Sanabria becomes COO at Expa

At Expa our mission is to create companies we want to see in the world, and hire the best talent to help turn these ideas into reality. We want to create a space where ideas have time to develop and grow, and then gradually become independent entities. Looking back on the last year, we’ve accomplished a lot: Four of our companies formally launched: Operator, Spot, Metabase, and Kit. We brought Stumbleupon into the Expa family to help build Mix, which will launch later this year. We welcomed a new Head of Design and EIR, to lend their expertise across our portfolio, and Milun Tesovic joined Expa as our newest Partner.

Expa’s success (and the success of our companies) is predicated on a strong foundation for Expa itself. Roberto Sanabria, one of our founding Partners, has been the driving force in creating and maintaining this foundation. For the past couple years, Roberto has built our internal operations and processes and led our Shared Services team, which provides crucial operational support to all of our companies.

As I stepped back and looked at all we’ve accomplished, and the specific impact Roberto has had on our organization, it is clear he has become my right-hand man in shaping Expa and its vision. So I’m pleased to announce Roberto is now stepping into Expa’s COO role. Roberto will continue with his previous responsibilities, helping me manage the day-to-day operations of Expa and support to our portfolio companies, while leading new initiatives that will keep Expa growing.

2015 was a year of tremendous growth, and I’m really excited for what 2016 has in store. We’re going to launch a few more companies, and announce some new programs that will greatly benefit entrepreneurs. I’m excited to have Roberto as our first COO, and keep the momentum going.

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