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Expa was founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon, to help entrepreneurs create successful startups.


User Experience

We care about the details, from product strategy to system design and UX.


We help craft the brand, prototype, and iterate towards product-market-fit.


We help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and remove roadblocks.


We provide shared office space where entrepreneurs work side-by-side.


We are a community of hands-on advisors providing guidance to entrepreneurs.


We fund entrepreneurs to explore new ideas.

“I am product obsessive and feel at home when I am at Expa. When we focus our energy and collective resources and expertise, anything is possible.”

Scott Belsky

CPO at Adobe

“The incredible people at Expa and the passion for phenomenal product and human centered design.”

Arjun Arora


“I was attracted to Expa because it is filled with big dreamers who back up their dreams with hard work and hustle.”

Kevin Nazemi

Founder at Renew

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build your next company, or have an idea that you’re looking to test and grow, Expa could be the place for you.

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